About the Story

Hi, I’m Mahreen Khan! Welcome to my senior capstone Journalism project, an in-depth story about the potential of psilocybin in treating mental health disorders related to life-threatening cancers.

This project was born out of an interest in the redeeming medical value of hallucinogenic drugs – and the longstanding stigma surrounding the Schedule I substances. In the 1950s and 60s, a time when the research was widespread, recreational use was equally rampant. Many thousands of suffering patients were treated with psychedelics, for various mental health disorders and addictions. MDMA was used to treat PTSD, LSD was used to treat alcoholism. When President Richard Nixon took office and in 1970 signed the Controlled Substances Act, the promising research was halted and advancements in psychedelic study fell by the wayside. Now, renowned hospitals and research groups are back at it – carrying out concrete clinical trials that have substantive results.

About the Reporter

The news industry is a dynamic one, constantly keeping its underlings on their toes and requiring that they act promptly and decisively. The newsroom is a nerve-racking, deadline-heavy haven designed for those who succeed in high-pressure environments. It, too, is a place of comfort for many like myself, and one in which I hope to hone and grow my craft.

Come May, I will have graduated and begun my travels. I start on a flight to Europe… and hope to (digitally) see you all there during my expeditions.